Open Mat

Our daily open mats before training are for our members only. During this time you can work on whatever you like. Maybe you saw a cool technique on Youtube or you want to review something from last week? This is the time to do it.

Our sunday open mats are open to athletes from other schools. We are always happy to have visitors. Please note that you have to be at least 18 so that you can sign our waiver.

There is no set format for open mat, just show up with your gi or nogi gear and drill techniques or spar with someone.

Please note that our nogi uniform requirements also apply to open mats (shorts are required for men).


If you are completely new to BJJ, these classes are for you. The goal of the beginner class is to give you an understanding of the basic positions and what you want to do from each position. The goal of these is to get you ready and comfortable to spar as quickly as possible. They are not required (you can also just jump straight into the fundamentals of course), but they will give you a good start into the sport.

The moves taught in these classes are simple and easy to learn and understand. You can have a sneak peak here on our Youtube channel. If you can't make it to the beginners classes, you can still check out the videos of course and try the moves during one of our many open mats.

Fundamentals (Gi and Nogi)

These classes cover all the basic moves, positions and fundamentals from our white to blue belt curriculum. The curriculum was designed by the 12 time world champion Caio Terra himself.

These classes start with a short warmup, which is then followed by 2-3 techniques. At the end of the class there is about 30 minutes of sparring.

About half of the sparring time is positional sparring from the position of the day, to give you a chance to try the learned techniques against a fully resisting partner.

This class is very important and we even encourage our advanced students to attend those classes and drill the fundamentals as often as they can.

Advanced (Gi and Nogi)

In these classes we cover the advanced Jiu Jitsu techniques from our blue to purple curriculum. You have to earn your first stripe before you are allowed to attend these classes.

Wrestling for BJJ (Nogi)

This class is all about takedowns. The wrestling class is more intense than a regular BJJ class. You can expect a good workout from this class.

Competition Training

In these classes we focus on competition focused skills. There is a lot of focus on the tactical aspects, situational drilling and hard situational sparring. You have to earn your first stripe before you are allowed to attend these classes.

Berimbolo (Gi)

The berimbolo (and all the techniques that go along with it) is a great way to take the back. There is no way around this technique at high level gi competitions and in this class we focus on everything around the berimbolo. If you like to invert and spin, this class is for you.

You have to earn your first stripe before you are allowed to attend this class.


These classes are a great way to build flexibility and mobility for BJJ.