Joonas' Purple Belt Promotion


Last night Joonas received his purple belt from our coach JB. Joonas is always drilling and trying to improve his jiu jitsu. But more importantly, he is always helping other people too. The purple belt is about more than just learning a few moves. You have to be able to connect different moves...

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Caio Terra Association Camp 2018


Patrick is back in Zurich after two weeks of training at the Caio Terra Academy in San Jose, California. He participated in the yearly association camp and is back with a lot of new details and techniques, ready to share them with all the members of the BJJ Lab. Don't miss training during the...

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San Francisco Open 2018


Patrick is currently in San Jose for the yearly Caio Terra Association camp. He competed in the brown belt master 1 division as a middle weight and took two gold medals home. He closed out both is own division and the open weight division together with his teammates and won all his three...

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Minh's Blue Belt Promotion


Congrats to Minh who was promoted to blue belt. He did not just show up to class, but really studied jiu jitsu. He always asked a lot of questions, took a lot of notes and was drilling every open mat.

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Laura's Blue Belt Promotion


Congratulation to our new blue belt Laura! For us in the Lab it is not only about the performance on the mats, it is also how you grow outside of the mats and we are really glad about how Laura grew to such a great adult. Teen years are over now the next steps with the blue belt! Laura won her...

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Munich Open 2018


We had a great day at the Munich Open. We showed up with 15 competitors and 11 of them took a medal back home. Big thanks to everyone who supported the team before and during the competition. Preparing for a competition is a team effort and a lot of people helped out even though they were not...

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