Kids BJJ in Zürich Oerlikon

Little Pandas (5-8)

Respect, discipline and confidence are some of the most important things that kids will learn in our classes. These things will not just help them in our jiu jitsu classes, but also carry over to other areas of their life.

The kids will learn how to handle bullies, deescalate threatening situations and how to defends themselves against bullies and other threats.

The little pandas will learn basic jiu jitsu techniques and improve their coordination, balance, flexibility and conditioning through a variety of fun games and exercises. It's also a great opportunity for them to socialize and make new friends.

All our kids classes are taught in german.

The little pandas meet every Wednesday on 17:00 and Saturday on 10:00 for a 45 minutes training session. The classes are with a gi (uniform), but regular sports clothes work just as well for the trial classes. A gi is included in our intro package.