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Rudson Mateus teaches his 50/50 armbar at the BJJ Lab Zürich


We had the pleasure of hosting Rudson at the BJJ Lab for a seminar the day after he won the 2019 IBJJF European Championship in the medium-heavy black belt division.

He did not only share all his best moves with us, but he also allowed us to film his 50/50 armbar that he has used many times to win his matches. This is the submission that earned him the 2018 submission of the year award from FloGrappling.

I was curious and asked him why he didn’t mind sharing his best move. He said that it didn’t matter since FloGrappling was posting his armbar all the time anyway. And it’s not as if that has helped his opponents, they know exactly what is coming but they can’t stop it.

Here are some videos where you can see the 50/50 armbar in action:

A big thanks from the BJJ Lab for the great seminar and being so open about sharing his technique. Rudson is not only a great competitor, but also a great teacher and we really enjoyed his seminar. If you want to book him for a seminar, send him a message on instagram.

Group picture from the Rudson Seminar at the BJJ Lab Zürich