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Reopening and Caio Terra Seminar


We have a busy week behind us. The BJJ Lab moved to our new location at the Hagenholzstrasse 65 in Zürich Oerlikon. To celebrate our reopening, we organized a free workshop with the 12 time world champion Caio Terra.

Workshop with Caio Terra

It didn't stop there, we also had Caio teach a few of our regular classes in the following week. We also had a few Q&A sessions with him so that our members were able to pick his brain about jiu jitsu.

Caio Terra teaching a BJJ fundamentals class

Then on the following weekend we had a 2 day seminar with Caio. He taught us a few techniques that he had been working on recently and that he had used in previous tournaments with great success.

The seminars with him are always amazing, he doesn't just show a few random techniques. Instead Caio goes over a single position or attack and then covers all the possible reactions of the opponent and how to counter them.

He also shared some of his wisdom with us, one thing that stood our in particular to me was when he talked about the difference between a regular black belt and a world champion black belt. He said that the difference isn't that the world champion taps you out more times than the regular black belt during a 5 minute round, but that the world champion won't even let you get close to scoring even an advantage on him. Keep this in mind the next time you train, don't just hunt for a submission but instead try to play a very solid game and try to avoid making mistakes that your opponent could potentially exploit.

We said goodbye to Caio on Sunday and we are now back to our regular schedule.

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Showing a competition video of the technique