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2019 Schedule Changes


We are changing our schedule and adding new classes for 2019.

2019 Schedule

One addition is the Monday fundamentals lunch class with Joonas. With three lunch classes per week you will now be able to experience the whole fundamentals curriculum during the working, even if you never come to an evening or weekend class. If you are part of the lunch crew, you can now train on Monday with Joonas, Wednesday with Sevi and Friday with Pat.

On Friday we replaced the competition class with a nogi class. Attendance for the competition class was always relatively low, mostly because our competitors already have a lot of open mat time available to get their training in. The new nogi class should make our nogi aficionados happy, they can now avoid those annoying gi grips and slip out of submission attempts three times per week.

On a sidenote, we also increased our matspace (and will increase it again in the coming months) because our class sizes were getting a lot bigger. Now you can roll and drill again even during our busiest classes without having to worry about non-stop bumping into other people.